Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Yo Estoy Aqui

I am in Barcelona!! It is beautiful here! There are lots of old buildings, pretty landscapes, and of course, lots of people!

We arrived early Tuesday morning (6:25 am Barcelona time and 12:25 am Kentucky time). From New York, it took us approximately seven hours to get to Barcelona. Below is a picture of us arriving in Barcelona. It was exciting!

While on the plane to Barcelona, I sat by a nice girl from New Jersey who was on her way to meet her step-father. Soledad grew up in Barcelona until she was five but moved to America. I found out that she loves sushi and churros (doughnuts in Spain dipped in chocolate!). She is expecting a baby boy in September and she had not been to Barcelona in a few years. Below is a picture of us.

When we arrived in Spain, we were picked up by Christen. Christen is originally from Michigan but she has been living in Spain for at least eight years. She took us to the school and from there, our host families picked us up!

Laura picked me up and took me to her family's home. In the family there are two children; Sofia (8) and Alvaro (6). They have been at school all day so, I have not met them yet. The home they live in is a cute apartment located 10 minutes (walking) from the school. Below is a picture of my cute bedroom.

While at the apartment, I have been settling down and unpacking my clothes. With the sunny weather, I haven't been able to sleep so instead, I took a walk outside! Below are a few pictures of the neighborhood.

Tomorrow, we officially start school so, I am excited to meet the kids!


  1. Rachel,

    I'm glad you made it safe! Hope you're having a good time. I'll try to check your blog regularly to see what you're up to next! :)


  2. Thank you, Dev! I am having a good time! :)