Wednesday, April 10, 2013

First School Day

I finally experienced a school setting in a different culture; definitely a new experience! This morning, Alvaro and Sofia led me through the streets of Barcelona as we walked to school. Below are pictures of our walk!

Many apartments around the city have balconies with pretty plants. 

Sofia and Alvaro

Sofia points to the pretty flowers.

I like seeing palms.
Before we walked to school, Patricia, the housemaid, served us breakfast. I had fresh orange juice and crackers. Alvaro told me he slept with his gift I gave him from my American university!! So funny. Below is a picture of the same gift I gave Sofia (minus Hello Kitty decor). Go big red! :) 

I am using a few Spanish phrases like:

Si, gracias : Yes, thank you
Si, muy buen : Yes, very good
Buenos Dias/ Tardes : Good morning/ afternoon
Como se dece in ingles? (big one for me) : How do you say in English?  
Hola, como esta? : Hello, how are you?
Balle (I hear this a lot) : Good

A little about my school day: 

I am paired with all boys (grades 1 and 4)... what a day! They are so sweet.. and.. they. are. loud. 

The 1st grade boys are not as loud. Today, they had a spelling test with words like downstairs, upstairs, flat, school, and church. They did so well. 
I am very impressed with their english. 
The school day starts at 9 am. 
Lunch hours are between 1:30 to 2:30 pm.
The school day ends at 5 pm.

Wednesdays are short days for my teacher so, my school day ended at 3:45 pm.
I took advantage of this time and walked around. 
Below is a picture of my snack at "Nyos Degustacio."

"Reja de cabello de augel" and pear tea (both good) 

Below is a picture of a candy store and a fruit stand on the Barcelona streets. 
The fruit is very good in Barcelona! 

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