Monday, April 29, 2013

A Weekend of Rain

Barcelona has been very wet and overcast lately.

Even though it was overcast on Saturday, I
toured Galdi's "Casa Batllo," as seen below. 

Gaudi's style is modern and it resembles a lot of nature. 
Gaudi is unique because in his day, he was recognized as being a great artist and architect. 
My audio-guide said that after his death by a train hit, people were saddened as they followed his casket down the streets of Barcelona. 

Above, the house looks like the ocean and the ribs of an animal. 

Above, Gaudi's house resembles the spine of a dragon. The roof is thought to be inspired by the legend of Sant Jodi.

Above are the souvenirs from my visit. 

Sunday evening, my friends and I went to see traditional Spanish dance and singing. The show was entitled, "Opera y Flamenco." It was spectacular! 

Before the show, we ate crepes nearby. I had chocolate walnut crepe, Nichole had chocolate strawberry crepe, and Evan had chocolate and ice-cream crepe! 

Our show started at 9:30 pm and ended around 11:00 pm. Below is the beautiful inside of the Palau De La Musica where we saw our show! 

Beautiful place and beautiful show! 

Below is a short video of what the traditional dance was like. 

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