Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mi Cumpleaños

Today was the day I spent my birthday in Spain! I woke up with a knock on my bedroom door. The picture below is what I saw with lit up candles! What a surprise it was! Laura and Sofia sang me Happy Birthday (in English) as they held the cake at my bedroom door; so thoughtful! They have been so good to me.  

 At school today, Miss Mary had the young boys sing me Happy Birthday. They sang so well. At school, the students are required to speak in english so, even when singing, they spoke in english. One student gave me so many hugs throughout the class period... it was sweet.

My challenge of the day:

The class asked me my favorite drink in America.
I thought for a moment.. my favorite drink: root beer!
The students had no clue what this drink was.
Since the students already knew what coca-cola was, I said it was like coca-cola; it was a soda and it had bubbles.
Then, they asked me what it tasted like... this was a hard question to answer.
All I could think of at that moment was.. it had an old taste.
Then, just when I thought root beer couldn't get any harder to describe, they asked me to draw it.
How do I draw root beer?
.. Basically, I drew a can with a bulldog on it and of course, "root beer" across it.
The students laughed as I drew the bulldog. They knew it was a dog but they did not know what a bulldog was.
How do I describe a bulldog?.. a dog with a small, smashed face.
Haha, Miss Mary happened to have a picture of a cute bulldog on her phone so then, the students understood.
Miss Mary also tied the mini "root bear" lesson to the roots of a plant. The children just took a test on the parts of the plant so, this was a review.

After school, a few of my classmates and I ate at a restaurant that served traditional Catalonian meat. Since the restaurant highly recommended reservations, we kept the group small. Below is the front of the menu at Mussol.

Medallion Meat topped with cream cheese and mushroom seasoned fries. It was good. 
Me, Ashley, Taylor, Nichole, and Evan at Mussol
Before eating at Mussol, which didn't open until 8 pm, we walked near the L'illa Diagonal mall. The mall looks so modern and classy! Below is a tea store where I bought a small box of pear tea.

Overall, good day! I am ready for a quiet, relaxing weekend. I enjoy the children and my days at school seem to fly by!

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