Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sant Jordi's Day

Today was a special day because it was Saint George's Day.
There is an old legend that dates back to the 13th century.
Saint George was a knight who saved a princess from a dragon.
From the dragon's wounds came a deep red rose.
This rose was given to the princess.
As a tradition, the girls are given roses and the boys are given books.

Below are pictures from Saint George's day at school. It was like a Valentine's celebration.

Making roses

Miss Mary and I with our treat. 

This was a cool pop-up book. 

I bought the book seen above since it goes along with the celebration. The story is written in Catalan but I had Sofia translate it to English. 

Below is where I went to lunch near the school. Chocolate-Box had cakes decorated for the celebration!

Below is a book-selling that was seen all over Barcelona. 

Below, students are reading the books they brought to school. 

Above, a student is making a "come cocos" (head-eater), which is a paper folding game. I have been using this game to help the students with their English. 
Above, students are also playing a game of "tail on the dragon." The students are using their English skills to help their partner connect the tail to the dragon. 

A student's coloring

The whole city of Barcelona was full of books, roses, and celebration!
Happy Sant Jordi's Day!

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