Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saturday in Rome

Another day in Rome!
We started the day with a tour of the Catacombs.

 Pictures were not allowed underground but, we took pictures around the land.

Our tour for the Forum and Colosseum started at 3 pm. 
It felt great taking our time. 
Before the Catacombs, we were on the bus for at least an hour not knowing where we were...

Below are pictures from our tour of the Forum and the Colosseum. 

Romans did not burry bodies in the city because they thought the dead were "impure." However, Christians did not think the same way. Instead, they would burry bodies within the walls, as seen above.
The buildings have holes because the holes were left from the mounted marble. All buildings were covered in marble; there would have been no bricks exposed. 

Above is an original street. 

Below is where Julius Caesar's ashes were located. His body was burned within the city so, there were disagreements. Many thought Caesar was a god so, he could not be impure. Others thought different. Since there were disagreements, the new emperor had a building built around his ashes to keep the people happy with him.

It's hard to imagine the city as it once was 2,000 ago. The buildings were once covered in marble and in lots of color.  

Heading to the Colosseum with our tour guide. 

The colosseum had four levels of seating. In order, there were senators, gladiators, middle class, and last, women. Women sat far away because they were considered less important and, they loved gladiators. 

There are holes in the structure because people would dig out the valuable metal from inside. 

We arrived back in beautiful Barcelona and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon!  

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  1. Rachel,

    I'm really happy that you're getting the most out of this trip. You're going to remember it for a lifetime. :)