Saturday, May 4, 2013


This week, the students have been learning about Africa. 
The students gathered around a classroom computer and saw pictures 
of the people, huts, and dances.
They also got to taste traditional food of Africa:
Breadsticks with Hummus Dip  

Below, the students were working on their passports to Africa! 

During our lunch break, I walked to a restaurant where they served BIG hamburgers!
Laura said she ate with Carlos there a lot before they were married. 
I had a good hamburger!.. I couldn't eat it all. 

Below is where I ate with the family on the weekend. 

I had bread with garlic, tomato, salt, and olive oil. 
Then, I had a Catalan dish of pasta; my favorite. In Spanish, it's canelones
Along with the pasta, the family ordered me goat ribs.
I was pleasantly full, ha ha!! 

Below are more highlights of the weekend!

Since I am a girl who loves shoes, I bought new flats! I love them. 
To finish off our big meal, we all had ice cream! Can you believe we had room?!

After our big meal, we went to a beautiful beach with beautiful flowers. 
Pleasant weekend. 

My month in Spain is ending too soon..

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